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This Site:

The purpose of the Canadian Registered Livestock and Farmer Directory is to promote breeds of registered livestock and assist farmers to find and compare breeding stock. It can be used to find farmers, livestock and to quickly compare the pedigree of registered animals.
I have kept the site up-to-date with records published by The Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in their Electronic Herdbook since April 2006. The site is generally current within a few days of something changing at CLRC.
This Directory provides public access to several dozen Breed Association's livestock Records in many ways that the Electronic Herdbook does not. There are various additional searches including a farm search by postal code, pedigree search by animal age, gender, location and various other useful things I hope you'll enjoy.
- David Bates January 21st, 2010
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this site:

I write the programs and design all the web pages on this site without the support of the breed associations whose herdbooks are here. Part of my work includes keeping the directory up-to-date by refreshing if from the CLRC website on daily basis.
I host the site at my own expense and do not charge for any of the services, they are all free. And there is no advertising.
I always appreciate comments from the thousands of visitors who come to this site each month. If you would like to support my work on this site I'd appreciate that too. Please support this site.

Top Sires

New today, The Registered Purebred Livestock Sire Report lists the top studs based on how many registered progeny they have sired in the last two years. The report includes a Pedigree Comparison report so you can compare the sires to your own registered livestock.

The report uses my new progeny listing. It lists progeny for *all* generations of descendants and shows how many times the sire (or dam) appears in the family tree. Perfect for investigating line breeding.
- David Bates March 11th, 2010

New Free
Classified Ads:

The Canadian Registered Livestock and Farmer Directory has a new (free) Classified Advertisment section. Owners of registered or registerable livestock that would like to place an ad for sale, stud or semen are welcome to place an ad.
The classified ads are easy to place and come with an excellent "Pedigree Comparison Report" for your customers to use.
- David Bates March 5th, 2010